Moat Brae Open For Visitors

Moat Brae, Dumfries which is a mere 6 miles from Barnsoul Caravan Park is now open.

It is in the magical grounds of Moat Brae that the young J M Barrie found the inspiration for Neverland.  It is Scotland's first national centre for childrens literature and storytelling.

After 10 years and thousands of pounds this stunning house and amazing facility is open to the public.


“… when shades of night began to fall, certain young mathematicians
shed their triangles, crept up walls and down trees,
and became pirates in a sort of Odyssey
that was long afterwards to become the play of Peter Pan.

For our escapades in a certain Dumfries Garden,
which is enchanted land to me,
were certainly the genesis of that nefarious work, Peter Pan.”

JM Barrie